Long Beach Half Marathon 2015

LB Half Marathon
LB Half Marathon 2015

The Long Beach Marathon was approaching and I was not registered. I felt that one week after Silverman it wouldn’t be smart to try and race a marathon. So the plan was to get out there and support everyone who was running it. A few days before race day I posted on Facebook that I would like to run it and if there was anyone who couldn’t do it I’ll be glad to run it in their place. Because of an awesome turn of events I was able to get a bib for the Half Marathon. My old high school buddy had a friend who couldn’t run and was willing to give me her bib. So I picked up the bib from the health expo and I was set to go.

The morning of the race we all carpooled and I decided to start my half along with everyone else who was doing the full marathon. The idea was to finish quick and then run back and catch up with my wife.

The race started and the plan was to stick to 8 minute miles and drop down on the second half if I felt good. But my goal time was to hit 1 hour 45 minutes so as long as I kept the 8 minute pace I would hit that. I felt good after 3 miles at 8 minute pace and most of the climbing was done, I knew the rest of the course and felt that I can push it a bit more. I made it a plan to catch up to the 3:30 marathon pace group who had started earlier than me. So i picked up the pace to 7:30 as I headed down the beach path towards Belmont Shore. It was there when I saw my cousin Miguel who was looking strong with the 3:45 pace group. I talked with him a bit, wished him good luck and kept on.

IMG_0511Coming out of Belmont shore the half marathon course turned west onto Ocean Blvd. I took my first GU washed it down with some water and headed to the finish line. Only two miles left so I picked up my pace again aiming for low 7 minute miles. I felt strong and it was a good straight shot to the finish line. Form was good legs felt strong and I was passing up people. I crossed the finish line at 1:38:22 with average pace of 7:30, a new PR for me and much better then I anticipated.

My race was over but my wife’s was just beginning. I turned around and ran right back on the course looking for her. I ran to the 15th mile mark of the marathon course and caught up with her. I waited there cheering runners n as she made the Cal State Long Beach loop. when she returned I could tell she was hurting and that the next five mile were going to be tough for her.

I ran along side of her as she was grinding out the last portion of the marathon. Quitting was not an option for her but Im glad i was there to support her. I myself was hurting as I hadn’t trained to race passed 13 miles and I was already going to end the day with 23. We made it to the finish line and got it done it tough conditions. the day was about 100 degrees out there for those marathoners and they absolutely killed it.


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