LA Tri Events #3 2015

LA Tri Events #3

The last race of the LA Tri Series was an Olympic distance triathlon held on May 9th. The weather was a bit gloomy as it had rained the day before. The clouds were out and the beginning of the race was a nice overcast which would be good for less heat during the run. I setup my transition and made my way over to the CalTri group photo. In the last two races I missed it and there was no way it would happen again. My transition was all set so I made my way to the swim start to get in my warm up.

The swim was a bit choppy for me and I couldn’t find a rhythm on the second half. I got kicked in the nose in the first 300 meters, then at about 1k I got dunked and the swimmer pulled my wetsuit string opening up the suit. I was zig zaging more than i wanted to which caused me to spot more and waste more energy. I did however shave 5 minutes off my swim time from the last Olympic Distance Tri I did so that’s a big positive.
2015-05-10 08.39.22The Bike was a bit cold because of the lack of sun but went well. It was three laps around Bonelli with rolling hills. I took my first GU on the first lap and started to calm myself down to lower my heart rate. The bike average was 19 mph and I’m ok with that. Obviously faster would have been better but overall I was making good time.

The Run was a bit muddy at first because of the previous days rain and it started off on a trail for the first mile and a half. At about 1.5 miles I took my second GU and followed it up with a swig of water. My goal pace was 7:30 but on the second mile my legs felt a bit tight and I could only maintain a 8 minutes pace. No worries as long as I stayed about there I would try to pick it up on the tail end of the 10K. I stayed at 8 minutes for 3 miles and then started digging deep for a faster pace. At about 5 miles I took my last GU and tried to turned it up.I finished with a 7:48 pace witch was a PR for my 10K, really good for such a hilly course.

I finished the race at 02:46:54 and couldn’t be happier. That’s 13 minutes faster than the last Olympic Triathlon I did a couple of months ago. I had tons of fun racing in this series and I will definitely be back next year.

2015-05-10 08.42.09

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