Tour de Cure 2015

Vincent Thomas Bridge
Vincent Thomas Bridge, Long Beach CA

I was back for another year to ride the Tour de Cure but this time it was to complete the 100 mile course. This was my third year participating and I am always happy with the organization of the event. The weather was a bit over cast but not to cold. I wore arm warmers and my wind vest so I was quite comfortable. The vest was just for the beginning of the ride because it can get cold descending down the St. Vincent Thomas Bridge. I didn’t want to be out there for a long time as I had a BBQ to get to directly after the ride so I found a fast-moving group and stuck with them. When approaching Palos Verdes I noticed that the group was slowing a bit so I decided to just keep pushing to try to make good time.

Climbing in Palos Verdes is always a treat, not sure if I climbed the PV switch back any faster this time but it felt smooth even with the new gear set (front 50/34, back 11/25) on my road bike. When heading back into Long Beach I wasn’t seeing any more century riders not sure If i was falling behind of ahead of the pack. Turning into 7th street and mile 65 I finally meet up with a century rider so we were able to help pull each other into the Belmont Shore area.

Palos Verdes Switch Back
Palos Verdes Switch Back

I was under the impression that the route would lead me into the San Gabriel River Trail but I was dead wrong. The route took me through streets with bike paths in the Seal Beach, Los Alamitos and Cerritos area full of street lights. This was a frustrating route and even more annoying because of the winds on the tail end of the century. At mile 75 we meet up with another century rider so we had a little more help. We headed into the Signal Hills area and at about mile 85 we came to what seemed like a wall. This climb should not have been there at this point of the ride lol. My Garmin read it ranging from 10 to 16 percent, man it really killed me, but like with all other climbs I powered through and kept riding.

The finish line is always fun and several people are there to give you a warm welcome. I really think the route could have been mapped better all the lights made it a bit slow on the tail end of the century. But all in all I had a great time riding for those suffering with diabetes.

Tour De Cure 2015 Finish Line

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