LA Tri Events #2 2015


Great day of racing at Bonelli Park. This time the event was on the North Shore. Same lake, same bike, but a slightly different run course. The run was nice took me through a area full of trees, felt like I was trail running.

2015-05-07 19.31.13Swim went well but the entire time I felt like my timing chip was going to fall off my ankle. I made it out the water and to the transition area when I realized that the chip had actually fallen off. I ran back to the swim finish yelling “My timing chip fell!” and luckily some one saw it and pointed me to the right direction. I got back to transition and finished setting up for the bike.

The Weather was a bit cold on the bike but nothing to horrible. Stayed calm and relaxed trying to lower my heart rate and fuel up for the run. The Run was fun because it was it was a different scenery. I kept a good pace and was over all happy with my efforts.

I meet more people from my CalTri team and returning athletes. These events have been great training for my up and coming Vineman 70.3. I’m feeling more confident racing and really trying to work on my nutrition during the race. I’ve been sticking to GU Energy Gel’s and GU Electrolyte tablets in my water.

I got to say one of the coolest things was being featured on the LA Tri Events Instagram page. They used a photo of me on the bike.


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