LA Tri Events #1 2015


The LA Tri Events #1 was a SWIM500M/BIKE23.34K/RUN5K. I was excited about this races because it would be my first time racing as a California Triathlon member as well as my new Specialized TT bike. I had a fresh new CalTri Kit and had put in several hours of training for this race. My weakest leg is the swim but I had worked hard on improving so I was confident it wouldn’t be to bad.

10344311_523092327829247_6144123416931821598_oIt was a cold morning but the water felt nice, finished the 500 meter swim in about 12 minutes witch was really good for a swimmer like me. I felt really strong on the bike and was moving very quickly. The bike was three loops around Bonelli and On my last loop right before I went over the dam there was a crash. A fellow CalTri member slipped on the sharp right turn and went down. He had bad road rash and was laying right on the bike path. Another gentleman and I pulled over and warned riders to slow down. When the cops arrived I wished the rider good luck and continued my race.

On the run I had sometime to make up for so I tried to kick it up. My legs felt fresh from the bike, not sure if it was the little rest time during the crash or the new TT bike but I felt great. I kept about a 7:30 minute pace witch is a good race pace for me.

I finished with a good time and was excited for the next two races to come. I was recommended this Tri series as good training for my upcoming Vineman 70.3. So far the training is going well and I’m starting to see everything come together.

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