Holiday Fun Half Marathon 2014

2014-12-24 18.42.10

Since starting this new part of my life where I want to live a healthy and stay active I have chosen to have birthday parties/events around some sort of active activity. This year I found a half marathon run that landed right on my birthday. So what better way to celebrate my 30th birthday then to gather my friends and family and run 13.1 miles at the beach.
2014-12-24 10.30.09I sent out a Facebook event invite about 2 months out to give everyone enough time to train for the run. I was joined by my family members (Kris, Angel, Mickey, Alex and Daisy), Crossfit family (Liz, Boj and Armando), My cycling friends (Art and Charlotte) and by my lovely wife Yuli. A few of them are already training for the LA Marathon and the others are already active people. My wife is training for the LA Marathon and we run every sunday morning at the beach and have been bringing along anyone who is willing to wake up early and go for a long run. We aligned our runs to match those of a three-month marathon training program so this half fell at a good time in the program.

Everyone did great, I was happy to have been joined by such an awesome group. A Better Running World puts on great events at a low-cost, I’ve run with this group several times and it is always well-organized.
2014-12-24 23.51.26-2I had an extra race bib available and contacted my friend Art to join us on the run. He’s been running for some time and asked me what my plan was for this race. I told him that all I wanted was to finish under 2 hours. He accepted my invitation and offered to pace me on the run. We took it easy for the first half and kicked it up on the tail end. We monitored my heart rate making sure to save energy. It was clear that my race was not going to start until mile 9.

Thank you to everyone who came out. It was a great day of running and the perfect day to conquer some goals. I love how we all motivated each other during the run. We past one another and clapped and cheered each other on. For some of us this wasn’t the first time we took on the 13.1 mile challenge and we looked to set some PR’s. For others it was a day to complete their first ever 13.1 mile run and set a time to beat in the future.

I’m especially proud of my wife, Yuli you did such an incredible job in the 13.1 miles. She stepped up and took on this challenge just 4 month postpartum. She is a beast and can do anything she sets her heart and mind to.

2014-12-24 15.01.35


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