Turkey Triathlon 2014

125325-014-032fI was looking to get in one more triathlon before the 2014 year ended and in my search found the Turkey Triathlon in San Dimas, CA. It was a sprint distance (1/2 mile swim/14 mile bike/4.5 mile run) but I guess a short race is still a race. I was excited about this triathlon not only because It was going to be a new course and in a lake as opposed to the ocean but because after my event my daughter was racing in her first duathlon. Ill give you more details of how she did in another blog post.

The day started like any other race day ready to go and a bit of nerves. I setup my transition area put on my wet suit and made my way down to the sand to line up. I have been looking up way to improve my swim as it is my weakest leg in triathlons. So I jumped in the lake before the start to get the shock over with, I swam a few feet to warm up my arms and calm myself down before the start gun went off.

As we waited for the start time for our wave all the athletes said the same thing, That looks like a long 1/2 mile swim and then boom we ran into the lake. I got to tell you the swimming felt much better then before, it was still hard but I felt much more composed and relaxed in the lake. The swim took me 25 minutes and I was exhausted when I got back to the sand. When you get out of the lake and head back into the transition area they route you around some concrete drive way and that floor really hurts your feet as you are running to your bike. The least they could have done was put some padding on.

The bike was 2 seven mile loops around the lake. It was a bit hilly so make sure you save most of your energy for the run. I was neck and neck with a guy on a trek and it was fun trying to keep up with each other as we passed one another. I flew back into the transition area and put on my Asics as quickly as possible to head out for my run.

The run course does have hills so be sure you have trained properly as your legs will get tired. I really had planned to run the first two miles at a 8 minute pace and then the last two closer to 7. when I got to the last 2.5 miles of the run I just could not get my legs to go any faster then the 8 minute pace. I stayed at the 8 minute pace for four miles then on the last half mile I was able to sprint into the finish.

I did much better then I thought considering it was a new course. I will be back her to race again next year, I just registered for a 3 race series that is being held in the same lake.


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