Pumpkin Pie Kids Duathlon 2014

Syndel running

The Pumpkin Pie Kids Duathlon was held right after my Turkey Triathlon and it marked my daughters first endurance race. She has been cycling for some time now and runs at school and at the gym when she gets a chance. I couldn’t really tell if she was nervous at all, kids always seem excited about everything and always have so much energy. As i raced in my Triathlon Syndel stayed with her aunt Cecilia to setup her bike in the transition area and wait in the finish line for my race to end.

As I started my run I saw Syndel and Cecilia waiting at the finish line so I screamed out to them and took off to hopefully return as quick as possible. When I finished it was time to get Syndel all setup and give her a bit of a pep talk for her race.

She walked me over to her transition area and I saw her bike setup and her excitement that it was finally gonna happen, it was race time. As she lined up and the workers explained the course to the kids I couldn’t help but be a bit emotional. My daughter has taken an interest in what I do and wants to push herself and challenge herself. I snapped a picture of her in the start line and immediately my phone died. I told her that that once they said go and they race started she shouldn’t storm off, she needed to stay calm and pace herself.

The kids took off and I made my way to the transition area to wait for her to run back in. Im glad I had my GoPro with me so I was able to film both her transitions and her crossing the finish line.

She ran into the finish line at full speed so quick the announcer counted read her name fast enough. I can’t explain how proud I am of her. She stuck to her game plan a totally crushed the race. In a mock training session we recorded her time at 30 minutes and on race she completed it in 20 minutes. I couldn’t be a prouder father, I love her very much and now she is asking me when her next race will be.



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