NOLA jogging tour 10K

2014-09-17 08.25.15I went to New Orleans for a business trip and was looking for a way to still be active. I recently started running more for my triathlon training so I figured I could find some good running paths anywhere. I started searching through Google on great running places in NOLA and found some great and exciting results. One result got me right away, A 10k jogging tour through the city with a tour guide who shows me the sights and talks about the city’s history.

I met my guide at 6am in the french quarter and was informed that no one else signed up for that times slot so I was going to have a private tour. He offered to carry my personal belongings in a backpack he had and brought a bottle of water for me. He told me that he would be taking pictures of my using his phone and would text them to me at the end of the day.

We started our run through the French Quarter passing Brad and Angelina Pitts house. He was very knowledgable of the city’s history, He told me that he did other tours so he was well-informed. He talked about the Louisiana purchase and how that affected the town and divided it. He explained where the architectural influences came from and how history had changed it. I think one of the most important things he shared with me was his personal experience of his and his families struggle through Hurricane Katrina. He told me how it was during the storm and the madness that happened when the levy’s broke.He shared the struggle his grandfather a war veteran faced when he refused to evacuate and ended up in a VA Hospital 3 hours away after being rescued in a life raft.

The tour took about an hour and I went through some cemeteries and celebrities houses. But it was a great way to see the city and get in a workout. I found this on trip advisor and I highly recommend it.


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