Nautica Malibu Triathlon 2014

The Nautica Malibu Triathlon to this day is the longest distance i have completed. This was a tough race for me but I’m glad I got it done. I learned a lot from this race thing to do, things not to do and things to do better. First of all I cant stress enough how important training is. I am a cyclist so the bike was no problem and my running has improved throughout the year but my swimming needs a lot of work.
race_584_photo_9722917This was an exciting race for me as it was the longest distance I have taken on. I’ve cycled through Malibu plenty of times and was quite prepared to take on the rolling hills through PCH. The swim and run however were all new to me. But like anything else put in front of me I was up for the challenge.

I set up my transition area and headed towards the main stage for the pre race announcements. The athletes were instructed to walk about a mile down the beach to the swim start to line up for our swim wave. I was very nervous as I had never swam 1.5K before but i was as ready as I was going to be to take on the challenge.

The swim was rough for me and it made me realize exactly how little I knew about swimming in open water or even swimming for the matter. I struggled to get from one buoy to the next having to switch to back stroke just so I can breath. I rested at each buoy praying to God i could survive the swim and just get on my bike. Eventually I made it to the sand and raced to transition. I made the rookie mistake of not putting enough body glide on the back of my neck and the wet suit burned off a layer of skin.

The bike was good, I felt at peace and in my element. Nothing like cycling through the rolling hills of the Malibu coast. The Run was fun but I was breathing hard. I didn’t realize how little I trained for this and how difficult it really was.

This was a rude awakening for me and made me realize that I need to shape up for my future races. If I were to be heading to bigger races there were definitely some changes that needed to be made.






Place (O’all/Div)


1.5 km (1:01:39.35 min)

3:46/per 100yds




(0:04:14.27 min)



40 km (1:15:24.42 min)





(0:03:23.41 min)



10 km (0:59:05.30 min)





(3:23:46.75 min)




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