Freedom Half Marathon 2014

2014-07-06 23.47.35The Freedom Marathon was a great event for me, It was my first running event and it was a challenging half-marathon. I don’t do much running as it is not my strength but I do need to train for a olympic triathlon coming up in a few months so running a half marathon was the perfect test. I trained for about a week running 5K’s about twice and a 5 mile run once. Talk about slacking off on my training, but I feel that my conditioning is top notch and I could do it in a respectable time. I was shooting for a time of two and a half hours and am very happy to say that I was able to beat that. I finished in 2:05:11 at a pace of 9.5 minute miles.

I was very lucky to run it with my cousin Miguel who’s core is running. Although we inly ran together the first 5k it was very motivating to know he was running with me. He finished with a great time and cheered e on as I crossed the finish line. It’s a blessing to have the support of family members when taking on tough challenges.

I will continue to run and get better at it. I learned a lot from these 13.1 miles and plan to make some adjustments. Next year my wife and I will take on the LA Marathon and she already is a strong runner, I only hope I can train enough to keep up with her.

2014-07-06 23.50.16


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