Tour of Long Beach 2014


The Tour of Long Beach was one of the first century rides that I did with a big climbing section. I registered for it because I knew it would be some good training for my upcoming AidsLife/Cycle ride and could be a good tour to add to my list. The Tour of Long Beach benefits the Long Beach Memorial Children’s Hospital and the money raised goes to help those kids in need that are struggling with birth issues. It was an honor to sacrifice my legs for 100 miles for those kids.

The tour starts in the Long Beach Convention Center and heads north on the LA River bike trail on Shoreline Dr. A few mile in you exit the trail and head east to El Dorado park where you connect to the San Gabriel River Trail heading South to Seal Beach. When you arrive to Seal Beach you exit on PCH and head east to make you way to the Turn around point in Laguna Beach, But not before passing through Newport Coast for some climbing.

The tour is very well organized with plenty of rest stops for water and fresh fruit. I was in a bit of a hurry that day as I had to get home early to go to a birthday party with my wife in Riverside, CA. And we all know century rides take some time to complete. But I was able to keep pace with different groups and ended up making great time and keeping my average high. In the last 20 miles I hooked up with this older man who was strong and pulled me for some time down PCH. We rotated off to save some energy, That man can push.

All in all it was an excellent ride and I will definitely be back next year to do it again.


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