CicLAvia – Iconic Wilshire Boulevard 2014

It was that time of year again for another CicLAvia. My daughter was excited that she will be able to ride her bike in the city streets. This time around however my wife didn’t join us. Kind of a bummer but with the pregnancy she is unable to ride a bike. So Syndel and I geared up for a father daughter say in Downtown LA.

We arrived early to beat the crowd and the hot sun. I found a parking lot on 8th street that was charging $6 for all day parking only a few blocks away from the start of CicLAvia. I unmounted the bikes and inflated our tires and we were on our way to the event. Syndel has been riding her bike more now and has better balance than the first time we came out to CicLAvia so I was confident we would get in a good ride and a nice pace. Syndel is a champ, she loves cycling and enjoys getting in a good workout.

We headed west on Wilshire Blvd. and talked as we passed one street light after another. I asked her about her school work and how she was doing now that she’s about to wrap up the first grade. She’s excited to start her new adventure in the second grade and she explained to me that her biggest worry is that she is going to miss her teacher. The other big topic was the arrival of her baby sister Riley. She was explaining to me how she wants to decorate her room to accommodate both beds and what color scheme she wants to have in their new room. I think she needs to discuss this with her mom who has plans of her own.

To wrap up our ride we stopped off to get some ice cream. I had a simple lemon flavored ice cream and Syndel had a Batman shaped ice cream that i was a bit jealous of. I could tell she was tiered after the 12 mile ride and the heat was killer so I told her that we should make our way back to the car and head home. As soon as we got in the car she fell right asleep, I could hear her resting as I drove home. She’s a good kid and makes me proud everyday.


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