Paul Hulse Positive Pedalers Century 2014

The Paul Hulse Positive Pedalers’ Century 2014 is a training ride organized by the AidsLifeCycle organization. I registered for the ride very last minute. My friend Charlotte who is also participating in the AidsLifeCycle this year mentioned the ride to me but I’ve been so busy I wan’t expecting to participate. But a week before the ride Charlotte posted a pic on Instagram of her bike ride in and we started talking via the picture comments. She convinced me to go out and cycle and I’m glad she did.

This was my third century ride in cycling and I’m glad that number is climbing. I woke up early to drive out the Ventura and meet up with Charlotte. The weather was a bit cold in the valley and the winds were strong but still a nice day for a ride. We started a few blocks down from Magic Mountain and road into a bike path that took us just North of the theme park. We headed West towards Ventura through the Mountains and beautiful country side roads. We cycled through fields of Oranges, Mangos and Avocados. I got to tell you there were plenty of times where I wanted to pull to the side and pick a few.

We had a nice lunch at the 50 mile mark where there was one of those GoPro helicopters flying around snapping shots of all the riders. I wanted to get some of those images to post on this blog entry but was unable to find them. After lunch we made our way back to Santa Clarita from Ventura in the annoying valley winds.

The route back was mainly through highway 126. There the winds really started to frustrate me, The cross-wind from the passing 18 wheelers made my front wheel shift. I guess its good training, If you can ride fast and keep a good pace in head wind then you’ll definitely be a stronger rider.

The ride was great and I had a fantastic time with Charlotte and Courtney as they completed their first century ride. In the beginning of the ride during the safety speech they explained how this ride came about. A cyclist named Paul Hulse mapped out a 100 mile ride that will be somewhat flat and could be easy for new cyclists to train on. He took several people on the rides and when he passed away his neighbor along with the AIDS/LifeCycle organization made the route part of one of the training rides for the AIDS/LifeCycle.


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