Joining Crossfit

I decided to join a Crossfit gym and I’ve never felt stronger. My wife has been going to Crossfit Pledge Fitness for a little under a year now and has had nothing but wonderful things to say about her trainers and the other members of the gym. She has become stronger and has been able to meet her fitness goals while training there.

As a new cyclist I didn’t understand what type of physical conditioning I had to be in to reach the goals I set out for myself. I was under the impression that as long as I had strong legs I could achieve anything in cycling. Trust me it takes a lot more then a good pair of legs to be in top shape for cycling. I made a decision to slim down so I can get to my average body weight for my body type. I was at 190lbs and made it a goal to get down to 155lbs. I started eating healthy and cut out processed foods, no more fast food for me. Lastly I emailed Crossfit Pledge Fitness and signed up for the free class so I can test out the gym.

I showed up to the class to start my fundamentals and everyone way very helpful and made me feel right at home. It didn’t matter if I had never lifted weights in my life the trainers were there to help me work on my technique and refrain on hurting myself.

I continued to go to the gym about four times a week and still continued my cycling routine of about three time a week. From what I read online the important thing to do is not break your main routine. If you are a cyclist at core then continue to cycle and only supplement all the other workouts. In cycling you have to have great endurance and a strong core and I have developed this by going to the gym. When I first started out my upper body was weak, I could still use more improvement by the way, now I have developed great upper body strength. I went from doing no pull ups to doing five in a months time, All by following exactly what the trainers recommended. I went in there and told them exactly what my goals were as a cyclist and they have guided me to becoming a great athlete.

Since joining the gym I have gotten much stronger and have completed my first 100 mile ride. My back squat max has increased by 30lbs and I continue to get stronger with every visit. I can honestly say that my cycling has improved since joining crossfit. I could feel the power in my legs and can hold a higher speed average throughout my rides. My endurance has improved greatly and I can now control my breathing better. Not only that but I am a lot more confident in myself and my strength. Working out with a dedicated group of people is very motivating. The knowledge I have gained there is truly priceless.

I am kind of killing myself for not joining sooner. So if you are thinking about it and cant decide if you should I say go for it. If you are dedicated and put out the time and effort you will see some great results as I have.

If you are in the Downey, CA area I would strongly suggest you check them out.

Website: Crossfit Pledge Fitness
Located at: 12143 Paramount Blvd. Downey, CA 90241
Phone: Manuel- (562)453-6375 / Raymond- (562)508-7770

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