Resolution Ride 2014

The Resolution Ride came to my attention through the Aids LifeCycle group. A ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that I am participating in in June of this year. They organized the First Annual Resolution Ride to promote the Sf to LA ride and so the people who are participating in the Aids LifeCycle can meet and get a small taste of the event to come. I was excited to get my tours started early in the year and set a good tone to the tours that are coming. I quickly spread the word to get a good group together for the ride. Gus and Clara who I did the Riverside Citrus Classic with were quick to register. I knew my buddy Andy will do it as he is new to cycling and is loving the sport more with every ride.

It was a nice day for a ride with the highs of about 70. The start line was full of Aids LifeCycle participants to it was cool to see everyone that I will be cycling with in June together. The organizers went over some safety tips and a few details of the route. They also had a group warm up where they showed everyone a few stretches to loosen up their muscles. Of to the side of the registration table they had plenty of snacks and juice for the cyclists witch was good if you didn’t eat breakfast. This was a well organized event.

At 9am on the dot the ride started, hundreds of cyclists made their way out of the Griffith Park area past the LA Zoo and into the surrounding cities. At about 8 miles into the ride Andy noticed a sound coming from his front wheel. We pulled to the side and inspected it and we found that one of the nuts that was holding a spoke in place had fallen off and it was loose. With out a real bike mechanic around we removed the spoke and kept pedaling.

The ride was mostly flat but after the first 20 miles we arrived at La Tuna Canyon. This 4.5 mile climb was lots of fun. Over the last year of cycling I have really started to enjoy climbing. It’s one of the tough challenges in the sport. Being able to battle the hill and test yourself is great, once you reach the top and conquer the hill the feeling of accomplishment is like no other. No matter how long the climb is it always feels good to reach the top. The best part is the fun down hill ride waiting for you on the other side. With the strength work I’ve been doing I am now able to climb a bit faster so this 4.5 miles didn’t seem to long for me. All the hard work and preparation does pay off when you need it to.

After the down hill we arrived at the last rest stop. Andy and I Arrived at the last rest stop before Clara and Gus and because we were short on time and carpooled to the event together we decided not to rest much and make our way to the finish line. The last 10 miles were really quick., We just had to be sure that Andy’s front rim was good and didn’t get any worse. Come to think of it, I would have never gone down that hill with a front wheel like that. I was doing about 33 mph on that down hill. He later told me that he was on the breaks just incase.

We arrived at the finish line and there was a nice festival with lunch for the cyclists and music. It was a good way to start off the new cycling season.


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