2nd Kid

For one year my wife and I tried to have another baby but for some reason the tests would always come out negative. It wasn’t very clear to us why but we didn’t want to alarm ourselves and just let life take its course. About six months ago we decided to stop trying and not worry about it. We figured if it happens we’ll be ready and prepared for it. My daughter is turning seven years old this January and just when it seemed that we would never get pregnant and felt down that our children would grow to far apart in age we received a blessing.

My wife was texting me saying that she was not feeling well. She felt dizzy and extremely tired. The day before during our conditioning workout at the Crossfit gym she did seem more tired than usual. We always meet at the Gym after work and today was no different, But this sickness was concerning. So I decided to get out of work a bit early and swing by the local Walgreens to buy a pregnancy test. I headed over to my wife’s job to drop off the test and then made my way to the gym. As I was driving I received a text message from my wife, “Congratulations” it said followed by the picture of the pregnancy test. For lack of better words I responded with “No Fuckin Way” now that I look back I wish I would have said something better. I met my wife at the Gym as planned and I got to tell you she had never looked more beautiful. I gave her a big hug and kissed her softly on the lips. We told our coaches of the great news so they can modify her workout.

My daughter was ecstatic with the news of becoming a big sister and the joy that I got from seeing her face light up is unexplainable. I’ve truly been blessed in my life and am grateful for everything I have received. Now the blessing continue with a new addition to my family. My wife and I are beyond happy and can’t wait to hold the little one.

I got to say I really am the luckiest guy in the world.


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