Family Hiking

I woke up for my Sunday morning ride and was all suited up to go cycling but as I inflated the wheels on my bike I realized that today would be a good day to go hiking with my family. I made my way to my bedroom to let me wife know of my idea. Its tricky when we go hiking as a family. My 6-year-old Daughter Syndel although very active and fit for a kid could easily get tired on a long hike. Trust me the last thing you want is a kid who complains none stop when you’re in the middle of nowhere. My wife had a good hike in mind, Chantry Flats just North of Arcadia, CA.

It was an awesome day, we were able to get a 7 to 8 mile hike and my daughter got through it like a champ. There’s nothing like nature to help you clear your head and get you to focus to what’s important in life. The well-being of my family is what I should focus on. If I am a better person for them then we can all grow together and be a strong family. My wife and My daughter are my life team and I don’t ever want to let them down.

It’s great to enjoy nature with loved ones.


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