Riverside Citrus Classic 2013

“The Riverside Citrus Classic is a fun bike ride that consists of a 100, 50, 28, 7 mile ride and kids bike ride. It starts/ends at the Riverside Plaza and include bike paths, bike trails and scenic highways in and around Riverside. All proceeds go to benefit the Riverside Educational Enrichment Foundation (REEF) and the Alvord Educational Foundation to fund programs that assist in increasing graduation rates and encouraging higher education opportunities.”

I decided to do the 50 mile ride in the Riverside Citrus Classic only because I was not sure how the course was like. Next year I will do the 100 mile ride you can count on that. My youngest brother in-law attends school in Riverside County and I thought that it would be a good cause to cycle for. So I registered and told some of my cycling buddies to join me on this 50 mile adventure.

Three friends joined me for this ride; Clara, Gus and Bang. I had never road with Clara before this day and was excited to meet another cyclist. Gus I’ve known since elementary school and recently started hanging out again because of cycling. Bang is my co-worker who took on biking once he saw my love for the sport. He and I have done several rides together so it was good to be riding new ground with him.

2013-10-13 13.57.39 The course was nice with some tough climbs along the way. I’ve been to Riverside plenty of times as my mother in-law lives out there but I have never seen the areas I was able to cycle through. At the finish line I was greeted by friends and family. Three special people brought the biggest smile to my face, my daughter and her two friends (Elizabeth and Pedro). I like to see my daughters proud face when I complete a tour gives me motivation to push harder next time and to be better for her.

My friend Gus brought along his GoPro for the ride. Thanks to him I was able to get the awesome shot at the top of this post. Right before our ride started there was a band that played the national anthem and the picture is of that moment. Another thing to mention is that Gus had failed to charge his GoPro the night before and the battery died in the beginning of the ride. He failed to capture some great down hill cycling.


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