Tour de Big Bear 2013

The Tour de Big Bear has got to be one of the most beautiful cycling tours I have ever been a part of. I decided to register for the 50 mile ride because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had never riding in that kind of elevation and had no idea how difficult the climbing would be. But one thing was for sure I wasn’t going to travel to Big Bear for anything less then a 50 mile ride. I booked a cabin for my family and I and started training. The day could not get here fast enough and I was excited because for this tour my daughter was going to be able to come along with me and meet me at the finish line. She was excited to be going on a vacation and staying at a cabin by the lake for a weekend.

I couldn’t really train in high altitude so I decided to do a lot of sprinting. I would ride fast till I was out of breath and then test my endurance. For hills I found a nice hill at the Santa Fe Dam located on the North point of the San Gabriel River bike Trail and I would go up and down that thing till my legs couldn’t take it. This was a real pain because after training on that hill I still had to cycle 17 miles back home.

The ride was amazing and as usual I went on this journey alone just meeting people on the way. Three big climbs on my route. Two were 3.5 mile climbs and one 1 mile climb all at about 8 degrees. The view was beautiful and the city and visitors were very respectful to the cyclist in the event. I tell you when your going down a mountain at 40mph on a single lane highway you want to have respectful driver to share the road with. Next year I plan to do the 70 mile ride, I hear it has one climb that is about 7 miles and I can’t wait to conquer that.

I felt that I was well prepared for this challenging ride. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be so my over training paid off. Because my endurance was good I was able to take in all the great views along the route. When you’re cycling the best part of it is to be able to explore the outdoors during your ride and this tour provided just that.


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