I’ve picked up a new sport where I can challenge myself mentally and physically. Cycling has become a big part of my life, once I went on my first ride I knew that I wanted to continue to explore the world on a bicycle. I’m able to push my body so that I can gather those extra miles. The pain only motivates me to be a better cyclist and be able to conquer any challenge.
A cousin of mine gave me the idea to log my miles so that one day I could reach the distance of the equator. I made it a goal to be able to hit the 24,901.5 mile mark and have become passionate about collecting those miles. Thanks Miguel for the excellent idea.
The more I cycle the more I want to accomplish. I hope to some day travel with my bike to France and cycle through some of the stages in the Tour de France. I might not be able to compete at that level but I can sure ride on the same roads as the pros.


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